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My passion, website design

My passion for the Web was born at the end of the 90s. After a few months as a “passive” user, I quickly wanted to have my website to share my passions. A self-learning learning of HTML, free space with my subscription and it was the beginning of the adventure.

I am professionalizing myself in computer science and the web

Graduated in Industrial Computer Science in 2001 with a final internship in Portugal. The subject was “different techniques and languages ​​for creating a dynamic website.”

And yes, site design was my passion from the start.

I then started my career developing websites in a small Liège web agency. It was continued as a PHP consultant then Java / J2EE in structures such as the European Parliament, Eurydice or Belgacom. I also went through various SMEs and public companies where I acquired an excellent command of Java programming, web oriented.

I was a pure developer, and I was not bad at all. Please read more at: https://localcraft.com.au