What Is The Price Of A Website?

A difficult subject

This is a subject that is not so obvious as it is to be treated. Indeed, in the sector we see everything and anything:

young people or foreign companies who break prices

agencies that blow up the budget for a simple showcase site

That’s why I found it interesting to share my vision of things and how I realize my quotes for the creation of your site.

Indeed, I do not hide it, create his site is now within reach of all. There are platforms on the market that allow you to quickly hack a few pages and be present on the web quickly.

OK but after?

Is your site optimized for SEO? are the meta all optimized? And the tags “alt” images?

Have you searched for relevant keywords? Do you contact your client, does he contact you? And your “semantic cocoon,” how is it?

If you know how to answer all these questions and your site is excellent. So, yes I admit, I have nothing more to bring you if it is small maintenance to save you time. By cons, if you find yourself in the category of people who have decided to realize their site themselves for fear of excessive cost.

And that this site is strictly useless because it is almost invisible, I can certainly help you.

To take into account the price of a website

When I make a quote, I try to take all these aspects into account:

a clean installation of the CMS

an optimized configuration of the system

adding and configuring useful extensions

writing or proofreading pages to make them more efficient

customizing your theme to make your site unique visually.

But not only!

What I offer you is my expertise. These tasks, I repeat them day after day, and I am therefore efficient to achieve them without wasting time unnecessarily.

OK and the price in all that!

So come on about: what price for a website?

Well, I do not know….

Each project is different and deserves to be analyzed individually. Indeed, a simple website with a home page, a page of presentation, a page “our services” and a contact page can be made with a budget more than reasonable in a few hours.

But that’s it; it’s rarely the case! Once the first version of the site, full of ideas arrive! And what had to be simple at the beginning, can quickly become energy-consuming and time-consuming. And with a small estimate at the base, it’s complicated to charge the double in the end…

Therefore, even if it is not easy, I try to take this aspect of things in my quotes. It’s clear that with my experience, making a WordPress showcase site can be fast. But I make a point of honor that the delivered site is active and brings you something.

Realize an ideal site; it does not interest me! Indeed, what is my best showcase?

Your sites simply. The more you like it, the more you talk about it, and the more word of mouth and my notoriety are reinforced.


Still not the price of a website in this article! Is not it?

Indeed, I work on an estimate, and all my quotes are personalized. But what I can tell you is that I give the opportunity to spread the expenses. 30% when the contract is signed, 30% as soon as I have made a “first draft” of the site, and 40% when I go into production.

Thanks to a partnership with another independent, there is also a possibility to spread the realization of your website over a year, while enjoying a quality hosting and maintenance and ongoing assistance.

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Copywriting, Is Your Web Content Useful?


The definition of this English word is the art of using words, writing attractive, relevant, useful content to promote a product, a service … or a simple idea.

On the web, when it ‘s about SEO, an affirmation says that content is king. Whatever your activity, if you can not talk to your target audience, your ideal client, who is waiting for your services to solve his / her problems, your website is useless.

Either, it will just not be seen because located deep in search engine results.

Or, worse, in my opinion, it will not allow you to convince the user to take action and contact you.

My experience as a web designer allows me to see that many people do not know how to showcase what they can offer their customers.

I know he is extremely competent … But the user who visits his page, how can he differentiate it with all plumbers in the region?

People like my plumber, for whom writing is a real problem, there are many. Do you recognize yourself?

Author on multiple blogs

In 2012, I had the plunge and created my first blog that tells my adventures in the running.

Actually, at that moment, I wrote for myself only, I never talked about it anywhere.

If someone fell on it so much better, if not, I did not care. It was my journal “race,” and it is to remember the moments lived that I wrote.

Frankly, the style was more than “blah” the first time. But as time passes, I think I have improved. I started to have some regular visitors, comments and also some people for whom I aroused the urge to start jogging.

I then went on to write a few articles for my jogging club and the non-profit organization I created.

The last two articles published on these sites, the announcement of the new running season on the one hand and the choice of the name of a cooperative grocery store in creation, on the other hand, have also worked quite well.

But it was difficult for this site

My pro site was a problem; I did not know what to talk about. It was a simple showcase site presenting my services. Point.

I had a link to the blog section, but for almost four years it was empty.

It was, however, essential for the development of my activity of entrepreneur to enrich this site and to make it a real tool of communication.

And then one day, I told myself why not just talk about my feedback or questions that I met regularly?

Rather than looking for noon to 2 pm of articles that I needed hours and hours to write, I decided to speak directly to my target audience by giving them advice and advice on recurring questions.

And I take a lot of pleasure to do it!

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